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Crowdfunding has by now reached the status of a popular and indispensable tool for financing and marketing for social, entrepreneurial, music and film projects, concepts and businesses. However, most campaigns fail even before the started. We help shaping the tools right, be aware of obstacles and are the right partners for all parts of the campaign. Please connect as early as possible. The more time ahead of a campaign start we start working the better for the outcome.

Konrad Lauten

Crowdfunding Consultant

What drives him is the aim  to help and enable processes and change in areas where the traditional ways of working, deciding and moving forward can be disrupted. He will combine skills in strategy, project management and product development and integrate it into a team effort with energy and empathy.

Learning from peers and experience new fields is an everyday stimulus!

Paul Rieth

Film Producer, Marketing & Crowdfunding Consultant

Crowdfunding / Marketing: Consultancy and supervision of projects and individuals in planning & strategy of crowdfunding campaigns, network design, search for multipliers and supporters, planning & implementation of pitching Video`s & additional video content, as well as PR strategy for on- & offline range.